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The SFG Blank Book Project is a traveling sketchbook created collaboratively by Jeff Andrews and Steph Doyle.

For approximately 500 days, the sketchbook will travel from Washington DC to 50 illustrators around the world. Once the book arrives, each illustrator has 7 days to complete a sketch and send the book on to the next illustrator. The book will reach its final destination approximately mid-December, 2008.

The theme for this inaugural book is, "Where I Live." We hope to launch a second book project at the begining of the new year

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vincent Altamore - Thomas Nast

This evening I decide to do one last check of my email before calling it a night and got a surprise email from Vincent Altamore. Everytime I see these emails come in from the project participants my pulse jumps in anticipation to read the stories and see the images that are submitted. Vincent's submission was no exception. His story and teaser shot are intriguing. See for yourself by continuing to reading on.

Below is Vincent's teaser shot inspired by political cartoonist, Thomas Nast

Vincent writes:

"Even though Blank Book gave me a couple of sleepless nights I have to say it's been fun to participate in BBP.

My contribution to the sketchbook has a "Thomas Nast" theme. Mr. Nast, for anyone not familiar with his work, was a Political Cartoonist and Illustrator who created Columbia, the symbol of America. He also created the concept of the Republican elephant and Democratic donkey as well as had a hand in how Uncle Sam looks today. Nast along with Daumier and Dore were just a few of my favorite "caricaturists" when growing up. I would copy their Illustrations mostly to help me learn how to crosshatch and distort faces.

Having moved from Flushing, Queens (Go Mets!) to Morris Plains eight years ago I was totally delighted to find out that Nast had lived in Morristown just about a mile from my own home. It seems he had moved his family there to keep them out of harms way while he was exposing the corrupt NY government of William "Boss" Tweed with his cartoons for Harper's Weekly...which by the way helped in bringing Tweed to justice...ah yes, the power of the pen!

So now the little wooden box has left my home (Jake was very upset and decided he wouldn’t eat his dinner...but that only lasted for 10 minutes) and has moved on to the Wayne, NJ, doorstep of Gary Fields. Unfortunately, as it was with Jim, time constraints and previous commitments prevented an in-person transfer of Blank Book but I'm sure Emile the FedEx guy has everything under control! Have fun Gary!!"

Jeff and I couldn't have said it any better. Be on the look out Gary! The BBP is on it's way!

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At October 29, 2007 at 8:06 PM, Blogger Adam said...

What's going on?!?! Where's the book these days? I'm so confused. I don't remember seeing the name "Black Hole" next on the list of contributors!

At November 2, 2007 at 3:34 PM, Blogger Vincenzo said...

...I was thinking the same thing myself Adam!!

At November 2, 2007 at 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

The last few participants haven't sent anything in. I'm not sure why, but they did their sketches and forwarded the book without contacting jeff or myself.

The book is (at this writing), with Jason Raish. Hopefully we will have some teaser shots and BBP box shots to post soon.


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