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The SFG Blank Book Project is a traveling sketchbook created collaboratively by Jeff Andrews and Steph Doyle.

For approximately 500 days, the sketchbook will travel from Washington DC to 50 illustrators around the world. Once the book arrives, each illustrator has 7 days to complete a sketch and send the book on to the next illustrator. The book will reach its final destination approximately mid-December, 2008.

The theme for this inaugural book is, "Where I Live." We hope to launch a second book project at the begining of the new year

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Nathan Santistevan - Denver Chillin'

Nathan has been a good sport! I asked him to help us revive this project and he has come through for us by providing a glimpse of the project as it has evolved into various new dynamics (see Back on Track).

Nathan has also sent in his geo and teaser images.

Here is a shot of Nathan's teaser:

Nathan writes:

Here I am standing in front of The Denver Millennium Bridge - the world’s first cable-stayed bridge using its post-tensioned structural construction. It was built during my hiatus from Colorado at the turn of the century. It was cold this day. Very cold. I had two icicle toddlers at my feet and a patient wife behind the camera.

I also repaired the box that was coming apart at the seams. A little wood glue and a couple of clamps did the trick. The shipping box that is marked up with drawings is no longer getting shipped in, but drawn on. We are sending it around in a new Priority box.

The SFG BBP is now en route to the next participant, Ben Schlitter!


Back on Track!

After a long and unwelcome hiatus, multiple inquiries, and a little bit of friendly persuasion, the SFG Blank Book is finally back on track!

When the Blank Book Project finally made its way out of the Lone Star State and landed in the Mile-high city, I asked Nathan Santistevan, a.k.a. Doggy Doodle, if he could provide me with a snap shot showing the condition of the shipping box. I had heard from past participants that it was covered with graffiti, used as an additional creative medium. After seeing the shots (below), I wasn’t disappointed. The box has a great flavor of travel.

Nathan informed me that the original cardboard shipping box is no longer being used strictly for shipping, but as a specified medium for additional sketching and expression. So, we are now sending it around in a new priority box. The images above show how the cardboard box has evolved into a piece of art as well.

Another area of interest in the SFG Blank Book is the inside front cover. Participants have been placing stamps, or illustrated versions of stamps, on the cover. I’m sure after the book completes it rounds, this too will be an interesting visual story to illustrate the travels of the book. See the image below.



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