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The SFG Blank Book Project is a traveling sketchbook created collaboratively by Jeff Andrews and Steph Doyle.

For approximately 500 days, the sketchbook will travel from Washington DC to 50 illustrators around the world. Once the book arrives, each illustrator has 7 days to complete a sketch and send the book on to the next illustrator. The book will reach its final destination approximately mid-December, 2008.

The theme for this inaugural book is, "Where I Live." We hope to launch a second book project at the begining of the new year

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pati Montero de Cabana - Montreal, CA

The Blank Book has crossed the border to the north into Montreal, Canada and into the hands of Pati Montero de Cabana. Pati sent me some great shots of herself with the BBP Box in front of Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

Even with all the lovely snow and frigid temperatures, the BBP Box somehow manages to stay hot.

Below is a small section of Pati's illustration now gracing the pages of the blank book.

Pati writes:

I've only known Montreal for six months. Sometimes it seems like Babel to me, as everyday I can share different aspects of my life with people from around the world. I heart that.

My favorite part of the island is the Mount Royal from which the city took its name. There is a big park with a terrific view of Montreal and people have fun each time of the year, mostly in winter, when it's the time for playing in the ice/snow.

This is quite a discovery to me, as is it the first time I can actually touch the snow. There is snow in Venezuela, but not as much as here and definitely not in Maracaibo, the city where I come from. So, I'm like a little kid amazed by winter and amused as a result of the impression it causes on people that have had winter during their whole lives.

That's why all I illustrate recently has some snow to show.

Well Steph, I'm almost done. This is my text and now you have the teaser shot. If you need anything else, please let me know. Thank you for letting me be part of this. I'll say goodbye to the book tomorrow. I'm going to miss him.

The book is now on it's way to Allan Lorde and Jeope Wolfe in Winnepeg, Manitoba, CA. They will working together on their submission.

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