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The SFG Blank Book Project is a traveling sketchbook created collaboratively by Jeff Andrews and Steph Doyle.

For approximately 500 days, the sketchbook will travel from Washington DC to 50 illustrators around the world. Once the book arrives, each illustrator has 7 days to complete a sketch and send the book on to the next illustrator. The book will reach its final destination approximately mid-December, 2008.

The theme for this inaugural book is, "Where I Live." We hope to launch a second book project at the begining of the new year

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Amber Alvarez - Brooklyn, NY

I would like to thank Amber Alvarez for not only participating in the Blank Book Project, but for pulling double duty by documenting the book through extra shots of the pages. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Amber has posted her Blank Book experience on her blog and her trials can be read here: She Sure is Sketchy

Below is Amber's teaser shot.

Amber Writes:

At the top of one of my sketch pages you find a quick rendering outside the Brooklyn Museum of Art as seen in the torrential rain. If you look beneath the museum sketch and to your left you'll see one of my sneakiest and silliest habits. Sometimes I like drawing people the way I imagine they'd look in their underwear while on my daily commute to 23rd street on the F train. Word to the wise, make sure no one catches you cartooning them in their panties, otherwise you'll have a lot to explain. . . On your right, turned kinda topsy is the view from my lovely Brooklyn bedroom. Awww... Brooklyn, I'll love you forever.

You can breath easy now Amber and know that your contribution to book is what gives this project great value.

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